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INURA Conference Fund

To apply for financial support that will help you participate at the INURA Zurich 2023 conference, you can send an e-mail to conferencefunds@inura.org with a short letter. Conditions see below.
If you want to contribute to the fund, follow the standard procedure for INURA payments as described here (adding as comment “for the INURA conference fund”).
For more information on the rationale behind the INURA fund and the evaluation process, read the following document drafted during the INURA 2014 Retreat in Tara RS and finalized by the INURA fund committee 2015.


At the INURA Retreat 2014 in Tara, RS, it was agreed to establish the INURA Conference Fund to support the participation in INURA conferences of activists and others whose costs are not covered by any external means and who can’t take part for lack of money. Any member or supporter of INURA is welcome to apply for contribution to INURA conferences if needed.  Any member or supporter of INURA is welcome to contribute to the INURA Conference Fund.

As an act of solidarity people who are supported by their university or institution pay from their private money into the INURA Conference. Also, contribute if you feel able to do so, in light of your economic position, other commitments and so on. Some of those whose conference expenses are supported partly or fully by their employers may feel particularly well placed to contribute but others may struggle to participate. You choose the amount of your contribution (may be 10%-50% of what you get from your university or institution)

It is important to note that these are supposed to be personal contributions, and not to be confused with the optional higher conference fee, which in most cases is covered by institutional funding.

The INURA Conference Fund Committee

The INURA fund committee will be responsible to design every year a short application form in line with the agreed proposal and in dialogue with the local organising team in order to establish their priorities. Priorities and expectations should be made clear.

The INURA Conference Fund Committee is made up of three INURA members who together more or less represent the diversity of INURA and its principles. Committee members should feel confident that they can act as guardians of the INURA Conference Fund in accordance with the agreed proposal. The Committee members could serve for 1-3 years, to allow for continuity. As decided in the INURA retreat 2019 on Brijuni Island, Croatia, the fourth fund committee consists of the following INURA members: Roger Keil, Manuel Lutz, Cristina Mattiucci

Collection of contributions and evaluation criteria

The INURA Conference Fund will be paid in and out of the INURA bank account. The INURA Conference Fund Committee will be responsible for the budget. There will be no limitation on the amount of the individual contributions but one should keep in mind that if costs of attending an INURA conference are €1000, this would mean that with an amount of €8000 the fund could support the costs of 8 people in full, or 16 people at 50%. People applying for funds should not expect that the total costs for the conference (fees + accommodation + travelling costs + food) will be paid. All INURA members will be able to apply and the Committee will review the applications and take decisions in line with the agreed proposal and in dialogue with the local INURA conference organising team.

The INURA Conference Fund will be allocated across the following categories based on the priorities that will be agreed upon each year:

  • Activists who have previously been involved in INURA but who have not been able to participate more recently in order to provide continuity of involved cities and issues.
  • Activists who have regularly been involved in INURA and met their own costs.
  • Activists from the local group that organised the previous conference. Activists whose work and experience is particularly relevant to the key themes and issues identified by the local group organising the upcoming conference.
  • Activists from the local group that will organise the next conference, and future planned conferences where relevant and possible. All those applying for and receiving funds should be INURA members but non-members can become members in order to apply.

Applicants should indicate the level of support that they are requesting, e.g. 100% of funds; some specific amount, and a short letter supporting their application. It is expected that applicants stay for the whole of the conference, city part and retreat. There might be reasons for exceptions to this. There will be need to an agreed approach to deciding what proportion of costs to fund and the INURA Conference Fund Committee will need to resolve this each year, based on the levels of contributions and the received application. Applications for the conference fund after the conference registration process are not taken into consideration of funding.
The Committee should update the retreat each year on all important decisions made to this end. Logistics Contributions will be made through the standard payment interface at the INURA web site: click here.

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