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Credit Card: The prices below in the grey boxes are in CHF and INCLUDE a fee for credit card transfer.

Bank to bank: If you choose bank to bank payment you get an invoice by email (check your spam folder) after ticking the grey boxes. To pay check the current exchange rates EUR/CHF – or use our EUR-account and pay the respective amount in Euro 25 (basic) / 40 (reduced) / 70 (individual) / 150 (sustaining) / 400 (institutional)  as agreed in the INURA Annual General Meeting, June 28, 2022.

Transfer is free of commission when paying with SEPA (Europe).


Terms and conditions
  • Membership fee is for 1 year, and has to be renewed annually.
  • Membership ends with written notice by the member.
  • Paid fees (or parts of it) are not refundable.
  • Exclusion of members can be decided by the AGM due to contravention against the principles or not meeting the financial demands (fee payment).
  • The amount of the membership fee is decided at the AGM.
  • Members can participate and vote on INURA matters at the Annual General Meeting (AGM):
    • The AGM takes place during the annual INURA conference.
    • The agenda of the AGM is announced in advance.
    • Every member can contribute to the agenda.
  • INURA’s legal form is an association according to Swiss law (Art. 60ff ZGB) with seat in Zurich, Switzerland
  • With your membership you confirm your agreement with the INURA principles
  • Membership admits you to participate in common projects, p.ex. “New Metropolitan Mainstream”
  • Your contribution helps to maintain the INURA homepage, membership administration and coordination of INURA activities.