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INURA Coop Initiative

Most cities around the world are affected by growing capital investments, speculation, upgrading and gentrification. Providing housing without profit is very rare. But it is possible!

In cooperative models of collective ownership, (self-)management and decision making, rents do not serve the profits of landlords but they become reinvestment for the needs of the future.

Inspired by the ongoing expansion of a new generation of housing cooperatives in cities around the globe, the INURA Coop Initiative intends to intensify collaborations, exchange of knowledge and know-how about these viable alternatives to aggressive real estate development at an international level.

In the INURA conferences in Athens, Bucharest, and Havana discussions have already started on how INURA can support the development and dissemination of knowledge on such more cooperative forms of living and working together.

Special focused workshops toward a more concrete framework and action plan will be organized in 2018 and 2019. Stay tuned!