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NEWS November 2011

18. November 2011 – 13:49

Two Films by Tino Bucholz:

“Creativity and the Capitalist City: The struggle for affordable Space in Amsterdam”

In this film, the search for creativity is linked to existential struggles for affordable housing and working space in Amsterdam, such as temporary accommodation, squatting, anti-squatting and some institutional synthesis: “breeding places” Amsterdam.


“Gallery Schijnheilig and the Right to the City”

Video about the new urban (anti-squatting) regulations, upcoming eviction around and urban movements in Amsterdam. See this short portrait of “Gallery Schijnheilig and the Right to the City”, which highlights the changing situation in Amsterdam and overall neoliberalization of Dutch urban policies.

Written by Tino
18. November 2011 – 13:48

21st INURA Conference

Successfully held:

21st INURA Conference

Mexico City / Tepoztlán 2011

Short report and acknoledgement:

The speakers and tours were very extremely inspiring. The introduction at the UNAM provided necessary background for the tours and debates. Even though three days of tours can never be enough to see Mexico City we got a well-chosen cross-section of the metropolis, not only geographically.

What we learned about the almost unbelievable land-grabbing practices of the elites fit perfectly with this year’s conference title ‘Urban Growth: Legality Limits’. It was impressive to see how the groups we visited confronted these forces with a variety of actions and programmes. It was extremely interesting to see how different approaches (from collective to state-driven, from market-oriented to individual/spontaneous management) yielded different results.

One of the highlights – among many other unforgettable moments – was the evening tour in the Chinampas (the ‘floating gardens’) in the Xochimilco area, when all of a sudden a canoe appeared out of the night. INURAns also thoroughly enjoyed the pre-tour to pre-Hispanic Teotihuacán with expert guide Marlene.

Best of all, the retreat in an overwhelming location. Tepoztlan’s Casa Azul, a hidden jewel in a tropical vegetation at the foot of steep mountains (some of us dared to climb to the pyramid at the top) offered the perfect setting for good discussions. The soft-floored and cushion-rich meeting room, the chance for regenerating and rejuvenating breaks in the swimming pool, the terraces and gardens with exotic flowers, humming birds and dragonflies all came close to paradise. I think all of us would have loved to stay longer (not just to cure their severed stomachs), some forever. How lucky we were that you found this wonderful place for us!

Thanks again to all those who organized, helped, and guided, especially Mariana, Claudia, Frank, Laura, and most of all Beatriz, Ana and Xanath. And please extend our thanks to all extra guides and to those who translated, those who presented their projects, and all those who provided us with food, drinks and information. Jorge foremost!

Richard Wolff, INURA Zurich / Common Office

Written by Tino
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