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NEWS September 2016

15. September 2016 – 18:52

26th INURA Conference held successfully

From September 4-7, 2016 the 26th INURA Conference was held in Bucharest, Romania. Tours and visits, lectures and talks were carefully put together and allowed the participants to get an insight, both, critical and knowledgeable about history and today’s issues of the 7th biggest city in Europe. Spaces of confusion, places of hope were shown and discussed on issues like housing, social justice, traffic, transport, greenspace, participation and administration in a city that had undergone major changes in recent history, especially the end of the Ceausescu-regime era which is still is in every room as an elephant you can not see as one of the local organisers pointed out in the opening evening – in the parliament building, 2nd largest after pentagon.

Written by Philipp Klaus
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