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NEWS June 2021

14. June 2021 – 11:27

New Mayor in Zagreb (HR)

Our colleague and comrade Tomislav Tomašević, activist, scholar, inura member and organiser of the 2019 INURA conference in Zagreb, politician since 2017, was elected on May 30, 2021 new Mayor of the Croatian capital city of Zagreb (805’000 inhabitants) with an excellent result of more than 65%. Congratulations and good luck!

Možemo! (we can!) an alliance of movements and organisations won elections in several cities on several levels. A majority in almost all of the neighborhood councils that Možemo! competed in. Možemo! is also the first political option in 16 out of 17 city quarter councils of Zagreb.
Možemo! also won 23 out of 47 seats in City Parliament which allows to have a comfortable majority with a minor partner – Social democratic party who won 5 seats.
Možemo! won seats in city parliaments of Pula, Rijeka, Split, Dubrovnik, Pazin, Korčula, Osijek and others.
Congratulations to all Možemo! and INURA members!!!!
Written by Philipp Klaus
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