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NEWS 2021

14. June 2021 – 11:27

New Mayor in Zagreb (HR)

Our colleague and comrade Tomislav Tomašević, activist, scholar, inura member and organiser of the 2019 INURA conference in Zagreb, politician since 2017, was elected on May 30, 2021 new Mayor of the Croatian capital city of Zagreb (805’000 inhabitants) with an excellent result of more than 65%. Congratulations and good luck!

Možemo! (we can!) an alliance of movements and organisations won elections in several cities on several levels. A majority in almost all of the neighborhood councils that Možemo! competed in. Možemo! is also the first political option in 16 out of 17 city quarter councils of Zagreb.
Možemo! also won 23 out of 47 seats in City Parliament which allows to have a comfortable majority with a minor partner – Social democratic party who won 5 seats.
Možemo! won seats in city parliaments of Pula, Rijeka, Split, Dubrovnik, Pazin, Korčula, Osijek and others.
Congratulations to all Možemo! and INURA members!!!!
Written by Philipp Klaus
19. January 2021 – 12:17

Minsk: Urban Geographer Eugene Kalinouski sentenced 4 years prison

Jan 16, 2021, Eugene Kalinouski, 22y urban geographer, was sentenced FOUR (4!) years of prison because of beat (by) OMOH Belarus police officers. This video explains what has happened.



Eugene (also transcribed as Yauhen) joined the INURA conference in Warsaw 2018. Eugene now declared political prisoner by VIASNA

Hello everyone!
Firstly, I (Marta) want to say a huge THANK YOU for all your love and support!
Secondly, this is how you can help us from abroad:
1. Financial help
We need money on short-term and long-term needs:
Short-term needs:
-advocate services
-сompensation for so-called “victims”
-food, clothes, books for Eugene in prison
Long-term needs:
When Eugene will be released, sooner or later, he will need some money for a start. I’m not sure that he will continue to work for the start-up he used to work for – it’s the matter of how much time he will spend in prison. So some kind of a personal fond for him is a necessity, e.g he will definitely need such things as:
– psychological help and medical check-up
– new laptop and smartphone [his belongings were confiscated]
and etc
I sorted out two ways of payments from abroad:
As I understand, all you need for payment through PAYPAL is my email. Here it is: martashpinder13@gmail.com
2. Card
Bank account in euros:
PL30 1020 1811 0000 0302 0374 4570
Bank account in dollars:
PL25 1020 1811 0000 0502 0374 4562
Name: Marta Shpindzer

(If you need Marta’s address contact us: contact@inura.org. Marta is Eugene’s partner. We are in contact with her. You can also contribute / donate through INURA)

If there are questions or recommendations, let us know!
2. International organisations
Currently I’m writing the detailed document in English about the trial process (almost done🙂) and I want to send it to the organisations like Amnesty International and etc. If you have any contacts with the organisations like that, please let me know!
3. Contacts
I hope that Eugene will be released sooner than 4 years and we really want to have some options for him when he will be free. Eugene is a great specialist in GIS, urban planning, space syntax (I have his CV, if you are interested)
If you think that you will be able to help us to find the job or the university program for him in the future, please leave me your contact!
That’s it for now. I’ll be grateful for any recommendations!


Written by Philipp Klaus
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