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NEWS March 2022

2. March 2022 – 20:51

War in Ukraine – message from Kharkiv

Kharkiv, March 1, 2022
We have just been attacked by missiles. Most likely from aircraft. One dropped near to my mother’s house, where I am now. The explosion was so strong that the building (16 floors) shaked ­čś▒ It was damn scary! Neighbor say the other one dropped near my house. I hope I’m not homeless yet.
Our city administration informs that the explosions occured all over the city, there are some people dead.
Please, everyone who sees it!
Help me, help millions others like me, in fair cities of Ukraine! #StopWar !!! #RussiaInvadesUkraine
We are trying everything in our power. But that monster will just not stop until we all are dead
This message is from our colleague inura member urban sociologist ┬áMaria Prystupa. Fassungslos. Wishing, hoping, everything best ever. Today, housing, museums, schools and the institute of Sociology were bombed in Kharkiv and – as Maria writes – fair cities of Ukraine.
Written by Philipp Klaus
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